A new Family secret

I am a mom, in my 50s now.My youngest daughter recently married and is expecting her first child. Recently she and i had a weekend away, she is about 8 months along. While away we drank and discussed many things, one of which was she was sexually aroused all the time it seemed. She admitted she masturbated 5 to 6 times a day now, and even when there were others close by.On our trip of course we shared a motel room, 2 double beds,the 3rd night i was not deep asleep and could hear her moving and moaning oh so lightly. Looking though the dim lit room i could see her mastubating with a dildo, and i watched and was so aroused. She climaxed, as did i watching.The next night i feigned early sleep afetr some wine, again soon she was naked masturbating i quietly moved from the bed, and made my way to her bedside, whispering, its ok Mommys here for you. She was startled but i crawled in to the bed and kissed her on the cheek and then lips, she said OHHHH mom,.. im so sorry,i said dont be, as i caressed her breasts and put her hand on mine. Kissing her i began to use her dildo on her. Bucking and moaning she climaxed very loudly and quickly. Taking the dildo i started to please myself, as she leaned on one arm abd kissed my stomach makign her way to my clitoris.. where she licked me to climax.It was the most amazing orgasm ever in my life.


Gender: Female