My wife doesn’t know…

I don’t know if it’s a big deal, but 20 years of being married to my wife, 2 great kids, a quiet and “normal” life and my wife doesn’t know I smoke marijuana, with friends, after work, and so on.

My wife is not used to that kind of living and I don’t want her to know either. She comes from a very conservative family and if they know that I smoke weed they would change their perception of me negatively, I guess.


Gender: Male.


Really tired

Dad died when I was 3. My mom is an alcoholic and her boyfriend is a scumbag. My older sister is all day long outside with her friends or whatever, and she doesn’t give a fuck about anything. The worst thing is that we have a little brother, 4 yo. And I’m almost the only one who take care of him. If not for him I would have left my house long ago. I am 16 and I am working in a fast food restaurant after school. I’m really tired of this crap and I just want to raise the money to get the fuck outta here. :/

Gender: Male.